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“Recalculating!” Skills for When Life’s GPS Takes an Unexpected Turn We have all experienced that moment when traveling our journey of life, the road take a sudden, unexpected turn and our life’s GPS announces “Recalculating!” For most of us, these sharp turns are laden with a certain discomfort or even dread of what might lie ahead. This fun, upbeat and interactive session is chock-full of practical take-home strategies based on current research into how to face times of uncertainty with strength, wisdom and creativity. The next time your life’s GPS announces “Recalculating” you’ll be looking forward to the opportunity, not anticipating the worst.

Saturday Sessions

8:30 - 9:30

Liz Smith and Holly Schipper, Owners, Sugar Bowl Gift Shop
2018 Gift Trends - Fresh from the Atlanta Gift Show Holly and Liz will share popular trends from gifts to gadgets, colors, textiles and even a little Christmas 2018 decor. Enjoy this photo and product filled presentation.

Jeff Jorgensen, PharmD, Buena Vista Regional Medical Center
Top 10 Pharmacy Questions - Explore the common questions posed to pharmacists including drug allergies, medication storage and disposal, Medicare D and questions you should be asking your pharmacist.

Janelle Guericke, Ag Technology Instructor
Help! Convince Husbands to Let Go! - How can I convince my husband or business partner to sell grain when he thinks prices are still going higher? Understand how to use ‘put’ and ‘call’ options as a marketing tool to get the most for your grain.

Leann Baumhover
Sew So Simple Projects - Leann will share completed projects ranging from gifts to home décor to practical use items. Get ideas for projects as well as sources for instructions and patterns. Projects for all levels of sewing skills.

Shawna Lode, Manager, Iowa Tourism Office
This is Iowa - Iowa is where every season is spectacular, the food is authentic as the people and lifetime memories are made in a weekend. This is Iowa. Learn how Iowa Tourism Office markets our state and come away with some great new Iowa getaway ideas.

9:45 - 10:45

Carrie Merchant, Former Career Specialist, UNF
Craft the Resume, Write the Cover Letter, Nail the Interview - Learn the steps to a creating, formatting and polishing a resume as well as an effective cover letter. Review the common interview questions and how to be prepared under the pressure of an interview. Learn how to present yourself on paper and in person when competing for your next opportunity.

Unity Point Hospice
Gift of Hospice - This panel of hospice team members will explore the value of hospice and its purpose in supporting patients and loved ones.

Farm Credit Services of America
Agricultural Women Work Here - Being involved in Agriculture can be challenging but also provide many opportunities. Come learn from and interact with our panel of women at various levels of involvement in the farming industry. Bonus: Get your Agriculture Works Here T-shirt!

Michael McLaughlin, Instructor, ICCC
Tool Time - Get a firsthand look at various hand and power tools and how to use them properly, what they can be used for, safety considerations and projects that can be done.

Sarah Maiers and Deb Pullin-Van Auken, U.S. Bank
Investing in Your Retirement Requires Action - Join us to talk about the practical steps of investing in retirement. Are you on the right track? Are you saving properly?

11:00 - 12:00

Christine Prois, Iowa Master Gardner
Re-“leaf”: Easy Greens for Your Winter Blues: Indoor Gardening - Explore the world of house plants including several unusual varieties, how to care for them and where to find them. Dispel some of the fears of successful orchid care and experiment with new greenery. Get tips on creating miniature gardens and learn how to accessorize creatively.

Janelle Guericke, Ag Technology Instructor
Which Elevator Contract Are You Talking About? - Feeling comfortable and knowledgeable “talking the talk” with your elevator manager and husband or business partner is important. Bring your elevator contract questions to this informal session and leave with a broader understanding of marketing your grain.

Steph Erpelding , Sac County Extension and Outreach
Freezer Meals - Freezer meals can make a busy life more manageable. Learn the in’s and out’s of making meals that go from freezer to table.

Click to download Steph's presentation.

Julie Wurr
Dreaming of a Business? - Have you been thinking about starting a business? Heart ‘n Home owner Julie Wurr will lead a panel discussion of women entrepreneurs that have started small businesses. Get answers from those that have ventured into a small business.

Sarah Maiers and Deb Pullin-Van Auken, U.S. Bank
Succession Planning: It isn’t Just About the Farm and Cows - Doing nothing about succession planning is not a good option. Don’t leave your family in grief while fighting over the farm. Learn how to participate in and set up a successful strategy.

LUNCH: 12:00 - 1:15 PM

1:15 - 2:15

Byron Peters, AG PLUS Consulting
Financial Health-Practical Tools/Tips - Explore the impact of today’s bill paying methods, factors to monitor financial health and differences in accounting software. Highlights of AgCount Extra accounting program will be reviewed.

Dan Andrews and Ellen Anderson, Iowa Master Gardeners
Early Harvest of Fresh Vegetables - Low cost techniques, tips and tricks for extending your growing season. Learn methods that can be used to make your garden vegetables ready to harvest before your neighbors.

Traci Larsen
Junking Joy - This junk enthusiast will share ideas and inspiration on re-purposing, restyling and repainting what many consider junk.

Jennifer Loudermilk, Iowa Egg Council
Easy, Nutritious…Just Incredible Eggs - Participants will learn many ‘egg-ceptional’ facts while watching the preparation of several recipes. Enjoy samples as well as many recipes.

Jill Williams, RD, LD
Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight? - The Full Plate Diet is a concept that allows you to enjoy a full plate of food and still lost weight. Come learn how to utilize thousands of fiber rich foods to feel full longer and fill up that plate to make 2018 your healthiest year yet!

PLEASE NOTE: All sessions, speakers, and descriptions are subject to change without notice.